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Our Fees

Our professional fiduciary services are charged using blended fee billing in which separate hourly rates are charged for specific levels of service based upon the skill, expertise, education and/or licensing required for given tasks. Our time is billed in increments of 1/10th hour - by 6 minute segments. We do not charge a percent of your estate nor monthly minimums. Client accounts are charged as services are rendered. We find that most cases consume a greater amount of staff time during the initial start up period and when emergencies arise. We do not "mark up" or assess additional charges to outside vendor invoices for goods purchased or services performed on a specific case or for a specific client. Travel time is only charged for one way travel except in unusual circumstances (i.e. where travel out of the county/state/country is required.) By way of illustration, the following are some specific levels of service and charges:

Level and Description Hourly Rate Range
Provide assistant to:

Travel to a residence/business and facilitate realtors, utilities, construction or repair personnel with entrance to real property to service same;

Accept or make deliveries at a specific property;

Make minor household repairs; General courier service for a case

$35.00 - $55.00/hour
Provide assistant to:

File documents with Court, with Recorder's Office or assist with banking matters;

Inspect and/or photograph real and/or personal property;

Inventory and photograph;

Research and review governmental or private records

$45.00 to $75.00/hour
Provide Estate Asset Management including:

Estate accountings: Prepare Court required accountings for Conservatorship, Trust and Decedent's Estate matters;

Prepare quarterly QuickBooks reports for Estate assets;

Reconcile Estate bank and/or investment statement;

Conduct monthly review of and pay Estate bills; prepare bank deposits;

Prepare asset income accounting for Estate rental properties and service items that are administrative in nature

$75.00 to $105.00/hour
When it is not practical or efficient for the task to be performed by the Trustee/Conservator, Case Managers provide day to day, weekly or monthly interaction with the client to coordinate the various service or material vendors, medical personnel and care providers. They frequently take the client to medical appointments, shopping, social outings in the community, etc. The interaction of a Case Manager greatly increases the efficiency of the Trustee/Conservator and reduces the cost to the client. $55.00 to $85.00/hour
Matters that require specific attention or attendance of the Professional Fiduciary as the Trustee/Conservator/Agent or for duties the Fiduciary cannot delegate due to the specific nature of the task, client or case. $115.00 to $200.00/hour

NOTE: All fiduciary accountings and fiduciary fees and costs advanced for Court supervised Conservatorship, Trust and Decedent's Estate matters must be filed with the Court for review and approval prior to being paid from Estate funds.