W. A. (Sam) Hlavaty, CLPF
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Our Philosophy


Whether for yourself, your parent, your grandparent or dear friend, we all want and deserve to be treated with respect.


The assets we control are not ours. We did not earn them or acquire them and we are not entitled to them. We are entitled to a fair fee for our services, that's all. We do oversee them in a prudent manner in order to fulfill the needs or wishes of our clients.


You may not like what I tell you, but I will not lie to you.

When discussing estate planning, most people will tell you that what they want is protection and control. Protection for themselves and protection for their loved ones. Control over where they are going to live and how, and control over how their assets will be used, both now and when they are to ultimately be distributed. The way to make sure that you get protection and control is through comprehensive estate planning. An estate plan allows YOU to decide how and where YOU will live, who will take care of YOU and how YOUR wishes will be honored after you are gone. Who YOU select to carry out these duties and responsibilities when you no longer want or are no longer able to can be YOURS, through estate planning.

Mr. Hlavaty is not an attorney, a doctor, a CPA, a financial advisor or a general contractor. Mr. Hlavaty is a licensed Professional Fiduciary that hires and interacts with a network of qualified professionals as the needs of each case dictate. Essentially Mr. Hlavaty is hired to be the personal CEO of YOUR Trust, Conservatorship or Estate.